Tuesday, September 18, 2018

100 word challenge he

Hey Guys Itś me Santana and Today I am going to be sharing ,my learning with you.I am doing the 100 word challenge,I Have not finished my work but Im just sharing with yous.Thanks for reading Bye!! 

Start writing here:
Once upon a time there was a door it lived inside the nature forest there were people that had moved inside then this girl went missing  and she walked into the invisible door it will take you to a beautiful jungle with amazing animal that with.

And then when they came back out of the jungle they saw there house and they also had to take the missing girl to a new school called and if you are trapped inside that door you might have to live there forever with all the wild animals and the end thank you

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  1. Thanks for sharing Santana. It sounds like it might be finished now? Why did you enjoy this work and choose to post it?