Saturday, July 7, 2018

10 facts about me

 Hi my name is Santana and today I'll will be posting 10 facts about me today hope you enjoy it bye bye!

1. I like to play with other kids cause there all kind to me.
2. I really love learning and also learning. colouring and drawing.
4. my Favorite food is chilli butter chicken.
5. my favorite colour is red and also blue. best school is Wesley primary school.
7.My best place is Probaly jump or rainbow end.
9.I love slime.
10.I like coke as a fizzy.


  1. Hi Santana,
    It is me Anaiyah your best friend.I like how you posted ten facts about yourself,I reminded me of when I did 10 fun facts about me.Maybe nextime put a picture of yourself. By comment you later.

  2. Hi i am Emma and i go to papakura central school,
    I like how you put 10 facts about you.
    Hope you can comment on my blog.